Glooscap the hero and protector of the Mi'kmaw people. 


Sweetgrass is a sacred plant used in Mi'kmaw ceremonies. It is thought of as the hair of Mother Earth, often representing love, kindness and honesty. It also has strong association to partnership and friendship,. Mi'kmaw tradition names sweetgrass as the sacred medicine of the East direction. 


The canoe was the most important water craft used by the Mi'kmaq, including Glooscap's grand arrival. The canoe has remained a true symbolic icon of Mi'kmaw craftsmanship and artistic talent. 

The Eagle

The eagle element is a symbol of many things including: respect, honour, humbleness, truth, love, natural power, strength, courage, wisdom and freedom; everything that is positive. 

The Whale/Wave

The whale/wave element has a prominent role in the many legends of Glooscap, including creating the shores and waves of our Bay of Fundy. 

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Recent Glooscap First Nation Recognitions: 

Financial Management System Certification (2019)  - Presented to a First Nation community who demonstrate good fiscal management and governance. 

Lt. Gov. Community Spirit Award (2018) - Awarded to a Nova Scotia community who exemplifies community spirit

 National Economic Developer of the Year (2017) - A national annual award presented to a First Nation who leads the country in new economic development and shows strong growth in community development.