Our diverse portfolio includes businesses and strategic assets in:

  • Commercial Real Estate;

  • Renewable Energy;

  • Fisheries and Seafood;

  • Health & Safety Services;

  • Lottery; and

  • Retail

Although we prioritize full ownership, we welcome partnerships, joint ventures, and strategic alliances in cases that make financial sense.


The Glooscap Fisheries has three vessels: The Glooscap One, Brandon Erin, and Chief Rita Smith. Our Captain, Andrew Houlihan and his crew operate out of Meteghan, Nova Scotia. Our community commercial seasonal fishery licenses include: lobster, tuna, swordfish, ground fish, Gaspereau, herring and mackerel. The fish caught by the crew is currently sold wholesale, but future plans will see the community’s catch being sold at The Market at Glooscap Landing.  




Yarmouth Bar Fisheries is Glooscap's main seafood processing facility located in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Yarmouth Bar sells tuna, shellfish, lobster, halibut, haddock, to customers all around the world.



The lobster division of Glooscap Seafood sells live and frozen lobster around the world. The processing facility in Yarmouth is capable of holding over 250,000 lbs of live lobster at any given time. 




Glooscap Sweetgrass Convenience is the first phase of the Glooscap Landing Highway Development. This 24 hour operation includes a Esso branded gas station with 8 fueling dispensers, full service attendants and diesel available. There are two electric charge stations for vehicles. Our convenience store offers a wide selection of products, crafts, souvenirs, and quick food service options. A Tim Hortons coffee shop is also located in our building with an atrium common area for our guests to sit and experience a cultural visit on Mi’kmaq territory. 




Glooscap Energy has interests in green energy projects including wind, solar, and tidal. Glooscap Energy owns electric car charging stations and solar panels. Glooscap produces more green energy than it uses and is a net exporter of clean energy.




Glooscap Corner is located on the community of Glooscap. The building is the Annapolis Valley's largest gaming facility that also contains a Greco Xpress, convenience store and Wilsons Gas bar. 




Glooscap Landing is a highway retail business centre located at Exit 8A on Highway 101 in Kings County, Nova Scotia. The 26-acre plot of land is entrenched in the history and legends of Glooscap, a Mi’kmaq spiritual leader. Throughout history this region has been an attraction for tourists and locals interested in agriculture, sea tides, and the cultures of the Acadians and Mi’kmaw people. The purpose of Glooscap Landing is to create more employment, resources, and general economic prosperity to Glooscap and the surrounding communities.

Phase two of the project will include a market at Glooscap Landing, and will include retail

opportunities for a seafood outlet, a bistro, along with local foods and crafts. Future development of phase two will also include accommodations and a retail business centre.

Though the use of a cultural centre and open air museum, phase three of Glooscap Landing will be designed to attract and educate visitors on the Mi’kmaq, Acadian, African Canadian, along with the other diverse cultures that make up the mosaic of the Annapolis Valley.



Glooscap Fresh Catering Services provides fresh bistro like food for business and private events in the Glooscap and Hantsport areas. Options include sandwiches, soups, salads, veggie plates, cookies, and pizza.



AMI Cannabis is a partnership between the 13 Mi'kmaw communities of Nova Scotia to invest in the cannabis industry. Glooscap is one of the 13 communities that have partnered. This partnership works with other industry partners including  the MJardin Group and, Halef Group to build a 68,000 SF cannabis production facility in Lower Sackville. Once fully built out the facility will be capable of producing 6,300 kg's of flowers per year. 



Novazone Logistics Park is a 1,250-acre tract of undeveloped land, that is connected to continental road and rail systems, is located a few kilometres outside Sydney, about halfway between the site of the proposed container terminal and a bypass that leads to the Trans-Canada Highway. Two hundred and fifty acres of the proposed site are owned by the Mi’kmaq.

Mi'kmaq Wind Management is a partnership between the 13 Mi'kmaw communities in Nova Scotia to work towards investing in wind energy. Beaubassin has worked to develop 4 wind farms with direct investment in the Amherst Wind Farm. Collectively the  wind projects produce 20 MW of power, more power then the entire Mi'kmaw Nation in Nova Scotia currently use. 

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